University of Warsaw, 22-24 November 2010

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Corpus Committee
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Slavicorp 2010

Conference presentations

SLAVICORP 2, Dubrovnik 2011


All texts are being reviewed now. The reviewing committee consists of František Čermák, Piotr Pęzik, Vladimir Plungjan, Adam Przepiorkowski, and Marko Tadić. Some authors have already obtained anonymous reviews, other have to wait for it. After finishing the process of reviewing and accepting the papers, we will start editing the volume of “Prace Filologiczne 2012”. Hopefully all authors get the formatted versions of their papers in autumn.


Dear all,

Please format your papers for the Slavicorp proceedings according to the rules given below:

Style sheet for Slavicorp proceedings - Prace Filologiczne LX

The text volume – up to 4500 words
Font Times New Roman 12
Margins, spacing, indents:
Margins: right, bottom and top 2,5 cm, left: 3,5 cm
Line spacing 1,5
Text, footnotes, and references fully justified but for the main title.
The first line of each paragraph should be indented 1 cm (references as well). Examples given in new paragraphs not indented. Longer quotations given in new paragraphs fully indented (all lines), 11p.


Main title 14 p upper-case, center-embedded
Above the title the author’s name upper-case, in the next line affiliation, both lines left embedded
Internal titles 12 p bold, left embedded

Examples, quotations, footnotes
Lexical units referred to in the text should be in italics.
No endnotes, just footnotes, 10 p.

11 p, according to the pattern:

Dickey S. M. 2005: S-/Z- and the Grammaticalisation of Aspect in Slavic, in: “Slovenski jezik. Slovene Linguistic Studies”, 5/2005, pp. 3-55.
Dickey S. M., Hutcheson J. 2003: Delimitative Verbs in Russian, Czech and Slavic, in: American Contributions to the Thirteenth Congress of Slavists, (eds. R.A. Maguire, A. Timberlake), Ohio, pp. 23-36.
Esvan F. 2007: Vidová morfologie českého slovesa, Prague.
Маслов, Ю.С.: 1948, Вид и лексическое значение глагола в русском языке, in Известия АН СССР. Серия литературы и языка 7, No. 4, pp. 303-316.

(Cyrillic names and titles written originally, not transcribed)

The same as doc file in the attachment.